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Bonsoir à tous   Ca y est ! je viens de faire la bascule Spektrum DX8 vers MZ24. Premières impressions excellentes, surtout au niveau des manches. Rien à voir. En même temps et par

Suite de mon retour d'expérience de cette radio. Le pupitre est très confortable. Tous les boutons sont facilement accessibles.   Batterie Avec la lipo d'origine de 4000mah, j

Bonjour,   Je vais très probablement acheter cette radio.   Comme elle semble peu répandue, je vous propose de rassembler ici toutes les astuces la concernant.             Descrip

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Nouveau firmware 1.020 : http://www.graupner.de/de/supportdetail/cc489e1d-0c1c-4cdd-a133-398d908bc27d#mz-24


Pas encore de lien mais le contenu de la mise à jour est détaillé.




Its not yet out but here are the release notes for the forthcoming radio firmware.

Fixed – Modified to set BUTTERFLY OFFsets when changing Q.Link

Fixed – Servos are now slowed down properly when a Q.Link has a SLOW value of greater than zero

Fixed – Aileron trim values are now being taken into account when the AILE to FLAP mix is active.

Modified – When doing a voltage calibration the current TX voltage is now showing two decimal points for better accuracy reading when calibrating. Also the beeping button sound is turned off as it can affect the calibration.

Added – In FUNCTION>>D/R,EXP menu there is a new button “SYM” which allows simultaneous adjustments for both D/R and EXP value adjustments.

Modified – In Trainer mode when there is no signal from the student/pupil radio a message “No Pupil Signal” will show on the upper left corner teacher’s radio.

Modified – Various changes in trainer menu when receiver bound to teacher’s radio can now be used as well in pupil mode. Also the RF connection is now properly terminated when the BIND button is switched to OFF.

Added – New “Microcopter” telemetry menu added in the Telemetry display screen when an Electric, Vario or GPS sensor is connected.

Modified – When a flap offset is set in the FUNCTION>>Flap Mix>>FLAP menu it will be carried properly to the FUNCTION>>Flap set menu and applied to the values entered in the FLAP1/2 RATE A/B values. This is regardless whether mix is on or off.

Modified – Altitude calls above 20 meters are now suppressed and only displayed.

Modified – The BATT TIME is now being reset to zero when a battery is being inserted with a higher voltage.

Added – A new message popup will show when reversing the throttle in the BASE>>Rev/Slow menu. In HELI mode ch6 is applicable and in ACRO/GLID mode ch1 is applicable.

Modified – In BASE>>Fail Safe menu the display shows proper values when setting POS value with the SET button.

Modified – Voice sound is not cut off during data recording while writing to the SD Card.

Modified – RF is now switched off during a model copy when the same model is bound to a receiver (BASE>>Model Sel>>CPY).

Modified - All trim set values at BASE>>Trim Step are now set equally when trim is set as T:CO at BASE>>CH Set.

Modified – Telemetry ESC Bluetooth data communication.
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Apres mise à jour des récepteurs il est IMPERATIF de faire un RESET du récepteur.


Appuyer sur la touche « SET »  et la maintenir enfoncée pendant que l’on branche le récepteur.

Relâcher la touche dès que les leds s’éteignent (environ 3  4  secondes)

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