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[BRAIN : MISE A JOUR] Software 2.0.026 / Firmware 2.0.026

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Release Notes : 2.0.026 (Firmware 2.0.026)

- Now, if for some reason the unit is powered on with Auto Level and/or Recue active in the transmitter, this error is displayed by the swashplate aileron movements instead the usual up/down movements
- With the Jeti integration if governor speed values are greater than 3.276, wrong values are displayed in the transmitter. Fixed
- With CW and CCW icons, tail asymmetry is set to +5% or -5% instead of +50% or -50%. Fixed
- Vibrations in Diagnostic: if the Motor RPM's are out of range (> 30.000) now Main rotor and Tail rotor continue to be visible
- Some instructions corrected / completed
- Small bug fixes and optimization of code

Release Notes : 2.0.025 (Firmware 2.0.025)

- Jeti EX Bus receiver protocol added with specific channel assignation
- Jeti Connection schematics added
- Jeti transmitter integration with Brain parameters configuration menu (only Brain2)
- Added swashplate HR3_135
- On the top bar added 4 icons for the fast selection between Basic, Advanced, Counters, Diagnostic
- Added Tail gear ratio in Governor (basic & advanced)
- In the vibrations panel added vertical bars for Main Rotor, Tail Rotor, Engine actual RPM
- In the vibrations panel added actual values of Main Rotor and Engine
- Changed event "Power Voltage below 12,5% than startup" to "Power Voltage below 16,6% than startup"
- Now real time vibrations work also on Atom PC and slow PC
- Now when a log is loaded from the unit also the vibrations are downloaded and vice versa
- Corrected for iKon the connection schematic for SUM/SRXL/UDI/Xbus-b
- In the page 1 of the wizard added also the kind of unit connected information
- When Rescue is active, Rescue Gain is fixed and no more editable
- In the Transmitter monitor (basic & advanced) the label "Gain" was changed to "Tail Gain"
- When one of the logs is downloaded from the unit, remain in memory until the end of the session. Changing logs is no more needed to download again the precedent log
- Now AUX channel for Auto Level/Rescue is again usable with standard receiver
- Events downloadable also without sample rate selected (pay attention to download only after the initialization end)
- In the Firmware update windows added on top bar the actual Firmware version of the unit
- In Advanced -> Servos if you select for Type "None" the check is removed from "Reverse"
- “Rescue pitch max” and “Rescue pitch duration” are enabled only if "Use Rescue" is checked 
- "Auto Level gain" is enabled only if "Use Auto Level" is checked 
- In panel 6 "Swashplate type selection" of the Wizard if "CW ROTOR ROTATION" is selected, the Tail Asymmetry is set to +5, if "CCW ROTOR ROTATION" is selected the Asymmetry is set at -5.
- Maximum gear ratio allowed values for Main and Tail is now 32.500
- In Advanced -> Common re-added the "Orientation" menu but now with only one drop down menu with the 16 allowed positions
- Now when the application start, the windows is at full screen
- New French translations
- Some instructions corrected / completed
- Small bug fixes and optimization of code


Release Notes : 06/06/2016, Soft : 2.0.000 (Firmware 2.0.000)

- In some case, when Spektrum satellites are binded by software, setup is defaulted: Fixed
- Added in the “Connections” panel of the Wizard, also schematics for uBrain2 miniBrain2 Brain2, Brain2BT, Brain2HD, Brain2HDBT
- Added in “Demo Mode” the uBrain2 miniBrain2 Brain2, Brain2BT, Brain2HD, Brain2HDBT in the unit selection
- Auto level algorithm completely revised and now is self-configured and auto correct itself
- Removed “Set Level” button from “Unit Orientation” panel of the wizard (now is automatic)
- Removed “Aileron angle for hovering” and “Elevator angle for hovering” cursors (now are automatic)
- Removed “Auto Level” checkboxes from “Flying Style Setup” panel of the Wizard
- Added in the Wizard the new panel “Rescue Mode Setup”
- Added the ability to activate the Auto Level with positive pitch increment (Auto Level or Full Rescue)
- Added the ability to activate the Auto Level with or without positive pitch increment also with another unused radio channel
- Added “Use Rescue” checkbox and “Pitch Rescue increment” and “Time Rescue increment” cursors in Advanced -> Setup n° -> Gov. & Level view
- Added the new panel “Rescue” in Advanced -> Common for dedicated radio channel
- Added “Reversed Pitch” checkbox for model in which the maximum pitch is obtained when the swashplate is all down
- Added a bec test during swashplate and tail movements at end of init. If voltage drop more than 12% an event is recorded (only for unit 2) 
- Added the ability to write and edit the instructions in any other language other than those already provided and share the language file with other users
- Removed the “Reset Flight counters” from File menu
- Removed the “Main Counters” from Advanced menu
- Added a new Timer menu with the Main Counters and 4 new timers for components maintenances each with a “partial reset” button
- Added Logs Setup views (only for “2” units)
- Added Real time logs view (only for “2” units)
- Added Recorded Logs view (only for “2” units)
- Added Vibration real time view (and recorded only for “2” units)
- Added Events view (only for “2” units)
- Now Setup are in the same page so it is easier to compare
- When you enter a numeric value the box background become yellow until you finish and push “Tab” key
- In panel 2 “Servo Setup” of the wizard, added a Servo chart list (updated with every new release)
- Corrections and fixes to some instructions
- Small bug fixes and optimization of code

Setting changes to do from previous version:
- If you have reversed the pitch in the transmitter, correct it and use "Revesed Pitch" checkbox in panel 6 "Swashplate Type selection" of the wizard, when using reversed swashplate pitch (swashplate down positive pitch)
- Ensure that in the panel 9 "Unit Orientation" of the wizard, the corresponding icon to the actual unit position is active.

Release Notes: 1.0.017 (Firmware 1.3.083)

- Solved governor over speed with some Nitro engine

- Now Swashplate Rotation in Advanced menu works correctly

- In Tail drag if you move the cursor to zero, now swashplate instantly removes the correction

- Reduced the Governor engage level from 62,5% of the target speed to 56% of the target speed.

- Added Chinese Simplified in the Language menu

- Added Chinese Traditional in the Language menu

- If Standard Receiver is selected unusable parameters in Governor setup are greyed out

- For all the units now the Servo setup is in panel 2 of the Wizard

- Tail setup wizard simplified with only one “plus” and only one “minus” button for either endpoint direction.

- Tail Precompensation now correct either for aileron and elevator

- Rotor clockwise and rotor counterclockwise buttons added in Swashplate Selection panel and removed the Precompensations panel from Tail Setup panel.

- Now in Advanced -> Gov & Level, moving the “Aileron Angle for over” cursor, the swashplate move in the same direction.

- Connections schemes are now correct when reload data from a MTR file with a different receiver type.

- Opening a ”.MTR” configuration file already opened in a text editor, the application doesn’t crash anymore

- Added infos of SW, FW, Voltage and SN at the end of the new generated MTR file.

- The “Unit Type” selection (Brain/microBrain) is now readed from the connected unit automatically.

- Selecting “Ok” on the messages that inform to close the program (language change, Spektrum binding), now directly closes the program.

- The check at the left of “Full Screen” is now correct if program was open in Full Screen mode.

- Corrections and fixes to some instructions

- Small bug fixes and optimization of code


Release Notes: 1.0.015 (firmware 1.3.053)
- Overspeed with nitro on Governor: Fixed
- Very small and very slow tail drift: Fixed
- Orientation panel removed from Advanced menu
- Added warning if binding without Spektrum satellite selected
- Removed Aileron/Elevator ratio window.
- Added Hitec S.Bus receiver support
- Corrections and fixes to some instructions
- Small bug fixes and optimization of code

Release Notes: 1.0.013 (firmware 1.3.051)
Release notes:
- Was possible to use new software with old firmware. Fixed

- Was possible to use new firmware with old software. Fixed

- Saving configuration with new software and old firmware, when reload that files on new firmware rotation speed are zeroed. Fixed

- Reduced tail gain suggested in instructions of uBrain for small hely

- Servo Setup is now before rx setup in uBrain

- If a wrong com port is selected, program freezes and is needed to close the app with task manger: Fixed

- Reduced tail gain by software of uBrain for small hely

- When click on the Spektrum Binding checkbox, an explanation message appear.

- Drivers installer launched from inside the software installer.

- Added Driver Installer link also on desktop

- In advanced, Governor now all menus open by default

- In advanced, now Tail P gain set by software is always visible and change between disabled enabled.

- In advanced Flight Timer doesn't count hours and display minutes greater of 60: Fixed

- Corrections and fixes to instructions

- Corrections and fixes to graphic (reinserted gov port on schematics)

- Small bug fixes and optimization of code (video refresh of Gov checkbox, Governor D Gain, Governor Deadzone, Receiver "Is set by software, Receiver Setup channel after a MTR load).
 Release notes : 1.0.011 (firmware 1.3.051)

-Servo Buzing with max Pitch Pump. Solved

- Added selection of the type of unit to be adjusted.

- Added the default value at the end of each balloon in advanced mode where possible

- In Advanced mode, the balloon instructions are visible not only when the mouse is over the label, but also when over cursor and value

- For governor speed1 is now recommended a 40% flat line

- Added a 300 size preset

- Automatic installer of USB signed drivers, installed during program installation, for easier installation

- Corrections and fixes to instructions

- New font, graphics, icons

- Overall optimization and bug fixes ("reverse key" is now visible when pressed, etc.)

Release notes:  1.0.010 (firmware 1.3.050)

- Added Spektrum Binding in software

- Cyclic Rotational Speeds are now separated for Aileron and Elevator

- Overspeed after spoolup with some ESC: fixed

- Dynamic headspeed management during extreme overspeed maneuvers added

- Random hot start on startup on some ESC: fixed

- Governor precompensation optimization

- Added tail drag precompensation

- Added Cyclic Pitch Pump

- Added swashplate design in radio setup for see the servo number position

- In wizard (panel 7) doubled the resolution in swashplate setup

- Factory default "Tail Dynamics" is now at 6% (easier on TT transmissions)

- In Model Size Selection (panel 11) Elevator preset D Gain raised

- Governor: Deadzone range raised now at 0-350

- Bailout ramp range raised now at 0-140

- Removed JR trademark from drop down menu and also from swashplate selection

- Added in cyclic setup instruction "10 degree"

- Minimum and Maximum throttle pulse width for the esc, is visible also in the Wizard

- "Motor is Electric" check now is also in the Wizard, now “Electric motor” is default

- Inserting, complete, correction, of texts.

- Overall optimization and bug fixes (Cyclic Ring, Feed Forward, etc.)

Setting changes to do from previous version :

- Set the new Rotational Speed
- VERY IMPORTANT Verify the cyclic rates separately for ail/elv before flying in each bank
Rates for ail/elev are in Advanced->setup1-2-3->cyclic

Android version will follow in about 2 weeks, we decided to not hold the new firmware and release for windows and have people enjoy it even if Android not out yet.

Please use it and let us know what you think.

As usual free to all users as it will always be............

Thanks for waiting and hope you will like flying it as much as we liked it writing and testing it for you.

Special thanks to all our dev and test team.

Special thanks to Alex Rose AKA OnTheSnap.


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Non jamais, et j'ai également un Trex 600 qui lui aussi ne fait pas la jonction entre le Brain (c'est un Brain tout neuf) et il ne reconnait pas non plus le Brain !!!



- pour que ton ordi reconnaisse le BRAIn et avoir le port com, il faut bien respecter la procédure:

- allumer l'ordinateur,

- allumer l'émetteur,

- allumer la réception, puis double clic sur l'icone BRAIN. Normalement la petite fenêtre avec le port com du BRAIN doit s'afficher. Si ce n'est pas le cas, il faut recommencer la procédure, des fois ça bug!


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Oui c'est la bonne procédure que je fais depuis le début, j'ai effectivement port com dans la fenêtre mais pas le port com9 attribué pour le Brain ce qui fait que je n'ai rien et quand je quitte la partie Brain j'ai  la fenêtre avec les modules mais uniquement la partie essai donc impossible de programmer.

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j'ai réussi à télécharger plusieurs fois et maintenant j'ai dans la fenêtre com3 et pas com9 mais je pense que cela provient de l'ordinateur ou peut être de la version, en ce qui vois concerne avez vous com3 ?

J'ai à priori la dernière version du Brain.

Je continue les réglages avec le Brain mais pas facile car aucune explication.



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Je trouve le PID du cyclique nettement plus simple à régler. L'AC ne grogne plus comme avant à contre couple(pas de changement de réglage), je pense qu'ils l'ont amélioré.


Je n'ai pas encore pu mettre en l'air mon nitro mais le Gov semble lui aussi avoir bien progressé.


Le pitch pump, ca à lair sympa mais je vois pas la différence, à mon niveau.





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Nouvelle mis à jour aujourd'hui :


Attention, après la mise à jour, à faire les contrôles marqués en gras.



Setting changes to do from previous version :

- Set the new Rotational Speed

- VERY IMPORTANT Verify the cyclic rates separately for ail/elv before flying in each bank

Rates for ail/elev are in Advanced->setup1-2-3->cyclic


Salut , Pour ma part rien n'a changé aux  taux de cyclique aileron et élévateur ? suite a la mise a jour , bizarre .... vous avez remarquez des réglages qui ont changés vous ??
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