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Mise à jour des Kit 2010 //upgrade

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Voici les mises à jour données par Avant pour ceux qui ont des kits inferieur à 2010,

ou veulent upgrader les versions Nitro. Les nouveaux kits produit ont ces mises à jour.

voici la liste des pièces:

The latest changes have been:

1) AV900240 - Smooth Spindle

2) AV000130 - Semi-rigid dampeners.

3) AV900239 - 4mm jesus pin hole in main shaft.

4) AV000801 - 4mm jesus pin.

5) AV900223 - 4mm pin hole main sleeve.

6) AV900211 - slightly enlarged constant drive gear for tighter mesh.

7) AV910300, 301 - Nitro frames have both back and top front gyro mount locations.

8) AV920350, 351 - Electric frames have new longer slots for large heavy batteries.

9) AV000108 - Electric frames have an extra 26mm spacer

10) AV000100 - Electric now has square mainshaft bearing blocks instead of the ones used in the nitro for no need for block orientation.

11) AV920350, 351 - Electric frames now have ESC on the left side

12) AV000123, 124 - Metal balls fit without a need to resize or squeeze the ball links

13) AV900202 - Torque tube is stiffer and harder

New in current batch of kits or about to be released:

1) New flybarless head needed a stronger solid mainshaft that will become the new default for all the kits.

2) AV000115 - Flybar carrier mounting sleeves allow for more thread inside the flybar carrier.

3) AV000801 - Tail pulley shaft pins are now easier to insert.

Additional to those all kits both nitro and electric now come with painted canopies.

Avant RC

Raptor E700
Blade 130X fbl Brain  / 180 CFX
Video Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/djedjeokosha?feature=mhsn

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Merci pour l'info Djedje.

Mon kit version 2009 est déjà en cours de montage comme sur la photo ci-dessous, et je l'adore.



T-REX 700E 3GX V2 / VELOCITY 50 / T-REX 600E PRO / Hitec Aurora 9

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