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  1. A new world of 3D generation R/C Simulator. Trasna Technology Ltd’s Roger Hamilton has a new flight simulator on the market that looks to be promising. Adding some new features not yet seen in flight simulation. Detailed 3D animation with each model, full detailed interchangeable electronics, and well known models with all the components lets you get a dose of more then just flying. Click here to view the embedded video. Features Unique Aerodynamics Module. Full system and environment simulator. Ultra detailed models Component swapping Working control systems Training and model configuration Source: RcHeliResource Voir l’article complet
  2. This is Spartan! Spartan has been in the game for some time now, and they bring there quality gyro technology to the FBL world. The small lightweight Vortex is no exception to the rules. To work with just about every kit helicopter, its versatility allows ease of use from beginner to 3D masters. Easy to program with the DataPod, you can configure 4 different flight modes to maximize your flight. Features Designed for all helicopters sizes. Leading tail hold and pirouetting consistency. Small footprint. Separate sensor improves vibration immunity. In-flight vibration analysis. Built in governor Works with multi-bladed rotor heads Digital tail servos (760us, 960us and 1520us) Digital and analog swash servos PPM, SBUS, XBUS, SUMD and 1 or 2 satellite receivers Balanced ring MEMS sensor technology Easy firmware Updates Configure via the Spartan DataPod. 4 configurable memories that can be mapped to your flight modes for in-flight adjustments. Read more on this product here. Source: RcHeliResource Voir l’article complet
  3. Unique Italian engineering. MSH brings a family a helicopters to the market. MSHeli first introduced the successful Protos 500, and to follow with the Mini Protos 450. The newest creation, Protos MAX makes the jump to a 700/800 class helicopter. No upgrade accessories needed to run 700 or 800mm blades. Tones of features puts this machine in a class of its own. Click here to view the embedded video. Features 700-800 class design. Single belt transmission. Light weight. Unique sleek design. Low parts count. Good cooling. 12-14s battery tray. Main gear release system Read more about this product here. Source: RcHeliResource Voir l’article complet
  4. Hitec Press Release Hitec recently announced a new charger and power supply, the X1 Pro and ePowerBox 17A. The X1 Pro charger is a 180W charger that handles Lithium, NiCd, NiMH and Lead-Acid batteries with charge rates up at 16A. It’s a single port charger that requires 11-18V DC input power to operate. The ePowerBox 17A Power Supply efficiently converts 100-240V AC into 17A of 13.8V DC power. It can be used as a stand alone power supply for any DC charger, but Hitec has designed it to attach to the bottom of the X1 Pro charger to make a single charging unit. When combined, the footprint of the charger/power supply combo is fairly small and makes it very portable for taking to the field or track. Learn more about the X1 Pro Charger here. Learn more about the ePowerBox 17A Power Supply here. Source: RcHeliResource Voir l’article complet
  5. One of the best gets better. This new design lowers the CG of the head to help in the fight for nimbleness, increases mobility during 3D maneuvers, and adds precision response. In addition, the stainless and red anodizing gives it a kick of style. Designed to work with Trex 700E and 700N. Features Low CG head. Stylish stainless and red anodizing. Align quality upgrade. Click here for more information. Source: RcHeliResource Voir l’article complet
  6. 450 that’s high voltage capable. Australian Engineer Glen Klimpton designed this 450 sized helicopter to hit the market with a bang and brings larger helicopter technology to a back yard machine. The Chase 360 is designed to run 6s lipo and prototyping up to 12s. High center of gravity allows nimble flight, and 6s+ power is plenty from beginner to pro. The unique drive train would suit any kv motor and head speed wanted. This is possible with the 2 stage system and manages around 7:1 to 20:1 + ratios with the change of a pinions on the 2 stages. Well thought out for the demands of today’s pilots. Check out these pictures. Features Hollow 8mm Mainshaft High CG Versitle gear ratios 6s lipo (Prototyping up to 12s) Rigid construction to handle HV power. Sleek design For more information look here. Source: RcHeliResource Voir l’article complet
  7. Power that pushes all the way to the end. Professional heli pilot Leon Luke, has chosen EcoPower’s 60C LiPos for the 2014 season for their raw power and consistency. Luke, who has tested several different manufacturers’ batteries, had this to say about the new EcoPower 60C lineup: “The EcoPower 60C packs are some of the best I’ve personally flown with, and they are consistent throughout the entire flight with no noticeable drop off. ” Specs Balance Connector XH type Maximum Charge Rate 2C (10A on 6s 5AH) Maximum Continuous Discharge 60C (300A) Dimensions (WxLxH) 45.5x167x51mm (6s 5AH) Learn more about these electrons here Source: RcHeliResource Voir l’article complet
  8. High Tech Simplicity If you know about RC helicopter gyros, then you’ve probably heard of Beast X FBL system. The guys over at MicroBeast are at it again with a couple new FBL systems just in time for IRCHA. HD (Heavy Duty) can handle the current of most standard servos, and 2 cell systems. Looking over the limited information on the Plus and Plus HD, these look to keep the pace for 3D FBL systems. Features Operating voltage 3.5 V – 8.5 V DC (operating at 2-cell LiPo possible) Processor 32-bit ARM Sensor 6-axis MEMS (Gyro + Accelerometer) Dimensions 36 x 25 x 21mm 36 x 25 x 14 mm Weight (without cable) about 19g For more information go here. Source: RcHeliResource Voir l’article complet
  9. Interesting innovation from team Gaui This technology has been in the multirotor world for a while now, it was only a matter of time before someone crossed over technology to helicopters. Gaui is using a embedded copper trace in the frame to do the messy wire work for you. Like me, if you have trouble cleaning up wires on smaller helicopters, this is the answer you have been waiting for. This design lets you plug all your channels from your receiver literally in the frames signal/power distribution. Then your electronics have there own location on the frame to plug them up. This makes replacement of electronics a snap, and also takes time away from the build process from the beginning. Your thoughts. Is this a good idea? Or will the extra connections cause problems? Seems to do pretty good in the MR world. For more information click here Source: RcHeliResource Voir l’article complet
  10. This month we discuss the FAA memo and how it affects the RC hobby. The FAA dropped a big bomb on the RC hobby. The big question is what does it all mean? In this month’s podcast we delve into the ramificationsof the FAA’s memo. I brought RCG staffers Jason Cole and Matt Gunn into the conversation. Both of these pilots have been into FPV for many years. We talk to Rich Hanson and Dave Mathewson from the AMA to get their viewpoints and to find out what we can do to have our voices heard on this topic. I also spoke to Tim from ReadyMadeRC. Tim specializes on FPV equipment and he gives us his take on this sticky situation. The thing to remember here is that it’s not just FPV the FAA is attempting to control. They also want to stop paid demo pilots and more. You can download the podcast here. Here are some links of interest in regards to this topic: FAA Releases Memo with FPV Rule Clarifications AMA’s Response to the FAA’s Memo ReadyMadeRC’s Response to FAA Memo Source: RcHeliResource Voir l’article complet
  11. Check out the new 3D creation from Minicopter. The Diabolo has a belt drive tail rotor with automatic length adjustment that utilizes a spring loaded damper. This helps keep tension on the belt. The two stage helical gear setup keeps the noise low. The Diabolo will accept up to 830mm main blades and 140mm tail blades. This heli has a maximum head speed of 1750. Features: Up to 830mm blades Automatic length adjustments by spring loaded damper for belt. Smooth quiet belt drive transmission High center of gravity battery placement Unique German designTwo-stage, low noise helical spur gear Multiple canopy color choices. Low head speed flight Learn more about this product here. Source: RcHeliResource Voir l’article complet
  12. Yes, that’s right! Someone is feeling a little nostalgic. Who you ask? Well, it is Frank Columbia of course. Watch as Frank takes his Align Trex 600N DFC up for a flight. Enjoy the vid everyone. Frank Columbia Trex 600n DFC 6 8 14 Click here to view the embedded video. Source: Frank Columbia Source: RcHeliResource Voir l’article complet
  13. Check out these vids filmed by Doug Robinson. Watch as Brendan Abbott takes his Raptor G4 equipped with a YS120SRX and fueled by Rotor Rage 30% out for a couple flights. Where you ask are these flights, well none other than at SSSFA flying field, Surherland Shire Australia. Great job Doug. YS120SRX – Raptor G4 Click here to view the embedded video. Learning my Ys120SRX, bit lean at the end (hanging on pipe) but sorted it out. Had 2 shims for 30%, but only needed 1 so will add some more video once engine is at it’s peak. 100% better than my old YS120SR, thanks to Doug for the filming YS120SRX – Raptor G4 – take 2! Click here to view the embedded video. Learning my YS120SRX, getting better, thanks to Doug for the filming. Will repost once 2nd shim is removed and tuned 100% Source: Brendan Abbott Source: RcHeliResource Voir l’article complet
  14. This is some great news to all pilots looking for new rotor blades. Introducing Zeal Blades. Thanks to my good friend Heli Harry for sharing this with us all. Zeal Blades Available worldwide July 4, 2014 at selected dealers near you. Blade sizes from 250mm to 700mm. Click HERE to visit the Zeal Blades website. Source: Zeal Blades via Harry Driscoll Source: RcHeliResource Voir l’article complet
  15. Keeping your prized heli secure during transport, and even while stored at home, as always been a challenge. That is until Random Heli released their skid clamps. With skid clamps you can secure your helis quickly, safely, and securely in the blink of an eye. I reviewed the original skid clamps a little while back, and have been bugging Random Heli ever since for Goblin skid clamps (as well as everyone else with a Goblin!). The unique nature of the blade-like skid on the Goblin line of helicopters posed its own challenges and problems, but Random Heli have come up with a unique solution that gets the job done! Check out the full review by clicking the link below! http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2156948 Source: RcHeliResource Voir l’article complet

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